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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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know the relationship between the decedent's at this point. consider it pretty safe. >> but not to martha bryant. >> it is just terrible. >> she plans to move out as an ashcan. -- as she can. >> it just seems to be getting worse. police had used a stun gun to take a man into custody, but they say that incident was not related to what happened here this morning. it fuad any information, they are asking that you reach out -- if you have any information, they are asking that you reach out. guilty toleaded sneaking up on female shoppers and cutting their backsides. the is suspected of nine
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different assaults in 2011. five of those counts were dropped. he faces up to seven years in prison. he was arrested last year after fleeing to peru. >> and still discoveries made along rte. 50 in prince george's county. police are trying to figure out how the it got there. that is the big question and it is a mystery for investigators tonight who are trying to figure how a man's body ended up in the middle of the 50. >> the discovery was made at the end of this morning's rush hour commute. highway maintenance crews were about to do work on 50 when they found the body of an adult male line in the highway, in the middle of the medium. authorities say there are no
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obvious signs of what may have killed him. and people in the areas shaded pond -- highly unusual to hear about a body in the middle of the highway. it is scary. really scary. >> was it dumped? was it someone who had car problems and was possibly struck by a vehicle? >> because many people travel theseh this area, many of types of incidents that occur. >> but i was caught in both directions this morning as officials wrapped up their investigation. and 50 did reopen earlier this afternoon. things are moving fairly smoothly right now. they do have the added duty of the victim. >> thank you. looking intos are
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the allegations that store owners and managers helped to smuggle workers from pakistan and the philippines could more than 50 workers were installing identities and received little or no pay and substandard housing. i 14 stores -- and its 14 stores, arresting nine people. it is cooperating with the investigation. pretty nice out there. doug hill is in the weather center with a first check of the forecast. weak in storms are very local area. now have your dam power it is down to the south and west of washington. 82 degrees and cloudy skies. bottom left part of your thunderstormsier
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out to the richmond area. further south. low to mid 80s across the area right now. degrees is the warm spot in fredericksburg. it will be muddied the next 36 hours with increasing temperatures. a possible isolated thunderstorm or two for the next few hours. overnight, areas of fog, the 65- 714 below. is the low. >> taxpayers pick up the tab for some personal items, including sunscreen and vitamins. >> the state picks up the tab
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for the dry cleaning for the governor and first lady because they live in the governor's mansion, as well as food for state funches. also things like to the paper, mouthwash, and soap for the manchin, but not a $62 laminated graduation manner that a state employee was sent to work -- to pick up during working hours. taxpayers, do you want to pay for your governor's hygiene products? expense report found that the commonwealth expense account ask taxpayers to pay for body wash, deodorant, sunscreen, but refreshing strips, and even dog vitamins and a detox clients. next i don't want to pay for his. correct and not think any governor of mine should be doing that. >> the governor's office is now firing back saying the article completely misstates the
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process and misinforms readers. and it added that this administration has adhered to the same process and procedures as prior administrations. in reimbursement process place today is the same as in previous administrations. a $15,000 wedding tab picked up by one of his supporters leaves and others with questions. if theykes you wonder have bigger things they have taken as well. >> it could hurt the governor's political future. >> having all these things in the last couple of months in quick succession does take a toll on his image. >> many of the items were expensed early in the governor's term. the family was banned counseled
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about what they can and cannot expense. despite that, they have continued to expense things that they may not be allowed. no jury in thell george zimmerman murder trial tonight. today with a six of jury selection. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin he said he shot the florida teenager in self-defense. they have narrowed the pool to 40 potential jurors for a second round of questioning. the jury will ultimately consists of six people and four alternates. on the flight to newark, new jersey claimed that everyone had been poisoned. when the plane landed it was greeted by fbi agents. the man was taken to hospital in handcuffs. no charges have been filed and no one on the plane appeared to be sick.
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>> the man who revealed the existence of secret collecting of domestic telephone calls and activities still talking. edward snowdon held an online q&a official as he continued to avoid officials. >> former and as a contractor edward snowdon remains in heightened, but apparently continues to talk about the -- remained in hiding, but apparently continues to talk about the leaks. he made more claims and fired back at critics. has he given the chinese any classified secrets, he was asked. this is a predictable sperr that i and as they did before going public. no, i have had no contact with the chinese government. why did he wait to release the classified documents about the nsa after president obama's election? insaid that he had hoped
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obama then, and then added, unfortunately, shortly after assuming power, he closed the door on investigating syzdek violations of law, deep in an expanded several abusive programs, and refuse to spend political capital to end the kind of human-rights violations like we see in guantanamo, where men still sit without charge. criticsdon responded to like dick cheney. yesterday, the former u.s. vice president appeared on fox news and called snowden a trader. to that, snowden invoked iraq. he said, this is the man you give us the warrantless wiretapping scheme as the a kind of atrocity warmup on the way to deceitfully engineering a conflict, being called a traitor by dick cheney is the highest honor you can give an american. and in a new international poll, 52% disapprove of snow in's actions. 44% approved.
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>> she lost her son in a murder on the metro. why this woman says her family's going through another round of tragedy. >> why this woman was forced to resign from her job after shaving her head in support of her sister as cancer. labor department of employee who attacked a fellow attorney.
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>> could sibling rivalries be bad for your health down the road? >> there is a new study looking at sibley and bullying. >> a new study looks at kids 17 and under each with at least one sibling. baleen can happen in the home and be damaging to a child's mental health. >> they're the ones we love to grow up with and in some cases, the ones we love to hate. but now there's a new study
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looking at the impact of sibling rivalry. sibling bullying can be just as damaging as being picked on by peers and can lead to .epression, anxiety, and anger >> if you do not have parents who can rely on, bullying can be just as harmful. mindful ofneed to be when sibling rivalry crosses the line. teach the kids to relate to one another and be kind to one another. >> the study looked at the impact of mild or severe assault among siblings, property aggression such as stealing his siblings belongings, and psychological aggression. once the child support -- child psychologist says sibling bullying can have long-term ramifications. thehey can't think that's
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-- they can -- it can be very damaging because they do not have a safe place to go. >> when the aggressive reactions are happening repeatedly in one direction, it is bullying other than rivalry. when one child is always the victim. judith salerno will replace the race for the cure foundation president. this was after the backlash after the foundation's decision to stop working with plame periera. that decision was later reversed. -- planned parenthood. that decision was later reversed. >> the colorado blaze has destroyed nearly 500 homes. firefighters are still fighting hot spots and a change in the
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weather could change everything. fightingters are also fires in california and new mexico. >> i hope the air starts to cooperate with them. >> indeed. a few little sprinkles around here. tomorrow, a better chance of thunderstorm activity. getting close this summer. early on friday at about 1:00 a.m., the summer solstice. be signed -- summertime officially. looking west of the metro washington area. showers thathe came through here. it was kind of bait-and splash -- a dash and splash.
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88 was the high today. report in landover with 87 as the high so far today. these storms are moving toward charlottesville and richmond. likell definitely feel some are already. but look at charlottesville, 67 degrees. the showers winter there and dropped temperatures. 85 at reagan national now. is an area that just went through charlottesville. it is a minor frontal system. it will move just ever so much and then a little bit above along in that trough later tonight to increase the chance of showers and storms. this is futurecast.
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this is the kind of situation depicted here. showers and storms later tomorrow. in the process of trances think -- transitioning from this system to the next, we might see an isolated shower. but then dreier wednesday afternoon. partly cloudy and in the lower 80's for thursday and friday. this pressure system is located off the coast of belize. the track will be taking it this way. this could become tropical storm buried. it is not predicted to happen, but not impossible. as far as local conditions tonight, kind of hazy and muggy. over 60's overnight. partly sunny and warm and humid
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through the day with a few thunderstorms a good bet. 84-89 is high temperature. then a chance of showers and storms tomorrow, and for 80's and a very muddy. fine andthursday looks the first day of summer on friday looks fine. the weekend looks fine. then it will start to warm up a little bit more with saturday and sunday. more humidity as well. that is where you can expect in the summertime in washington. >> you had a busy morning. >> i did. i was at george mason university graduation ceremony. it was the class of south county high school. this was a very special day because this is the first graduating class of south county high school. is the very 2013
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first graduating class. some of the most accomplished students i've ever spoken with. congratulations, stallions. >> the inaugural class. at prime time, the bachelorette heads to the jersey shore. she's a prize is a superstar sandy victim before she says goodbye to the bachelors. that is followed by mistresses and then we will see you tonight for abc7 news at 11:00. >> superman saves the day at the box office. you the where and why of federal officials digging for jimmy hoffa's body. >> a long time crush on a co- worker
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>> a longstanding crush on a co- worker allegedly led to a vicious assault. accusing anrs are attorney who allegedly beat a co-worker inside her home. >> polman faces a number of charges in this incident. he had a preliminary hearing today. there were some interesting facts. first of all, he and the alleged victim had a longtime friendship of 20 years. it was not the victim who called 91, but one of her neighbors. the victim said she could not remember who attacked her until several days after the incident. the departmentat of labor, he a lawyer on the fourth floor of the solicitors department. the alleged victim invited the
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long time co-worker whom she acknowledges had a crush on her over for coffee. inside her home in this neighborhood, things allegedly turned violent. at the department of labor, the workers found it deeply troubling. prosecutors laid out their case today. june 5, he allegedly arrived at his female friends and co- workers home. gun,inside, used a stun mace, handcuffs and beat her so badly shattered bones in her face. he also ripped her clothing off. initially, the victim told police she did not remember who attacked her. but within a couple of days, she acknowledged as a man she had worked with for more than two decades. the victim's husband was in court today. prosecutors say his wife pleaded
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with him not to kill her. suddenly, he ended his assault, said juror he had lost control, and left. had losto her he control, and left. several character witnesses were in the courtroom today is ready to testify on her behalf. without bonds held until his next appearance on july 9. >> still ahead, good news for the government, but bad news for the hundreds of thousands of affected. [ male announcer ] the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone.
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>> her son was murdered at a metro stop and now she says she's going through all over again. >> we spoke to the mother about why she is so upset now that her -- her son's alleged killers are about to go to court. >> we came up here to montgomery county to talk to the mother of the only teenager who was killed during a night out in d.c. he was killed in a wigley park metro station. the mother had a meeting with d.c. prosecutors on friday and did not like it. >> i can speak now, but i'm trying to fight for my son. last was stabbed to death november in the wrigley park
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metro. she said she is outrage. she met friday with d.c. prosecutors as they told her that only one of the seven males arrested in her son's death will face murder charges. the rest will be offered manslaughter. maximum, seven and a half years. >> there is no way they can get manslaughter and just walk out. oldand she said the 17-year- who allegedly stabbed her son through the heart is not facing first-degree, but second-degree murder now. never get to hold him. i'll never get to see any grandchildren from him. was trying to buy marijuana from a youth there where he allegedly was lured by a youth into a gas station where they attacked him. >> a pfeifer breakdown, that means my son has no one to -- if
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i break down, that means no one is there to fight for my son. >> the u.s. attorney's office would not comment on this case except to offer condolences to the family. it says the talk -- a talks with the families of victims before offering any plea deals. and the penalties for manslaughter and other crimes in these types of cases can be much longer than seven years. takes any ofne these three deals, a trial is set to begin in late september. abc7 news. >> thank you. d.c. police are looking for the shooter who wounded two people in southeast this morning. it happened just before 2:00 at an apartment complex on g street. a 20-year-old man was shot in the face. a 17-year-old girl was shot seven times in the legs. another man from bullet holes in his car. police are looking for a car
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they say may be involved. trex fairfax county is investigating an apparent rout -- murder-suicide. around 10:00 a.m. this morning, officers responded to the the the report of shots fired. police found a man and woman dead inside an apartment there. they have not release the details of the relationship between the two. >> investigators are trying to figure out how ebadi ended up along the median of highway 50 in prince george's county -- how a body ended up along the median of highway 50 in prince george's county. they have no word yet of cause of death. governor's first family used taxpayer money to hygienepersonal products. the governor argues that procedure was followed. >> the former university of virginia and lacrosse player was
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convicted of killing his girlfriend in may, 2010. the court ruled his lawyer can raise three additional issues in an attempt to get a new trial. huguely is serving a 20 year term of second-degree murder. preparing a still water main between duke street and seminary road. crews worked throughout the day today to repair the road. they -- customers in the area were without water for most of the day. more than half a million people are expected to ride the rails on the fourth of july. many will be there for the nationals game and a fireworks on the national mall. all trackuspending work during the holiday. >> with a check of traffic at this hour. bob has the details.
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we did have a stop on the 11th street bridge a little while ago, a broken-down truck at the entrance to howard road. 395 south has been quite slow from the pentagon all the way down to ebersole road, where there was a broken-down car. if i was there for a solid hour. the volume near river road, and that is what it's like up from tysons to 270. coming up, how a local woman gets the smile she has been working toward for years.
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>> man of steel breaks the barrier. anncr: competition makes us rivals.
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but kids bring us together. america's beverage companies voluntarily removed... full-calorie soft drinks from schools. and we replaced them... with lower-calorie options, and smaller portion sizes. now, there are ninety-percent fewer beverage calories in... schoolols nationwide. it's just one of the ways we're helping everyone make more... balanced choices everyday.
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to learn more, visit >> it looks like the man of steel still has what it takes to make a big at the box office. >> something you want to keep an eye on this coming weekend. >> he is the man of gold. he made a lot of money this began. it broke the bank this weekend, the in spite of mixed reviews. and a new kid about the ring of truth called the bling ring. one night in 2008, a group of l.a. high school is broken to paris hilton's house on a whim. that robbery lead to a string of break-ins plan by tracking
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star's whereabouts and finding their addresses on the internet. bling rain the lifted $3 million worth of name- brand merchandise from the homes of lindsay lohan, paris hilton, orlando bluhm, and others. director sofia coppola makes this mix of expensive stuff and amateur bird luring unsettling and worth watching. bling rain opens friday. this weekend, man of steel broke the record for june movies. $130 million over the opening weekend. more than $200 million worldwide. the comedy about magicians, "now you see me" continues to draw a and that iss at -- a nice summer surprise.
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was hoping it would be, now it is humid, nowadays not, it is hanging in there. is veryg rain thing disturbing. >> why is it disturbing? >> because it is a commentary about celebrity and clothing and kids. >> ok. >> coming up next come -- coming next, where the feds are looking for jimmy hoffa. >>
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>> would you believe the search is back on for jimmy hoffa? federal agents executed a search warrant today for digging equipment in detroit. from formerming in mafia boss led officials to the area. no word yet on if anything is found.
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the queen's 92- year-old husband to the hospital 11 days ago for exploratory surgery on his abdomen. he has suffered from heart and bladder problems in recent years. buckingham palace says prince philip was in good spirits. >> google wants to get child pornography off the web. in a partnership with other protection groups, the technology giant is pledging $5 billion to the problem. it says it will allocate an extra $2 million to eliminating child porn in june -- images. are 17 million images and videos of suspected child abuse they have located. >> richard read is live in details ofk with
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this next program. >> the program was created to make college affordable, but many students said they are getting stressed out. >> fresh out of law school, she has money on her mind. >> my undergraduate and graduate loans together are about $160,000. >> the notion, according to this congressional budget report that the government will make $50,000 profit on student loans this year has run a little bit unsettled. >> it seems weird to me, especially when the progress of the loans is to help us get education. >> home buyers can get a 30-year mortgage with a 4.5% interest rate. but the fed's charge as much as 6.8% on an and subsidize student loan. >> should they be in the business of lending money? the answer to me is absolutely no.
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loans areernment is well intended, but leaves student deep in debt. >> while you wait, you have to spend more money to send your kids to college. >> some schools are driving up prices. for seniors like lisa koffman, there are especially worried. >> i'm afraid i will not be able to get a job and repay the loan. >> students and graduates will end up paying the price. >> you hope you find a job to be of the pay it off. then you're stressed out. >> some experts say that it defaulted loans are a risk to the government. some of the money is supposed to be going to pay off the affordable care act and reduce the deficit. creeks are wondering where it will all end.
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are wondering where it all end. gm is recalling nearly 200,000 suvs. various 2006cludes trailblazers as well as some saab and isuzu suvs are also included. washington state woman says she was forced to quit her job after showing up to work with a shaved head. she shaved her head in support of her sister who is struggling with cancer. toy told her to wear a wig work because being bald made the guests uncomfortable. to writeshe was forced a resignation letter. >> i don't think i should cover of what i'm standing up for.
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i was giving support and i'm proud to show that. >> officials at the casino that houses the salon issued a statement saying that the company is taking her allegations very seriously and they are conducting an internal investigation. stay tuned. >> at 6:00 p.m. tonight, community groups are teaming up with public safety along the d.c. trail. details from edwards noted as he answers questions about his -- edward snowden as he answers questions about his actions. check ofget another the weather forecast today. minutes ago, we looked out the window here and it was sunshine. take a look out the window now, actually from our rooftop.
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showers across washington right now. the southeast and southwest. just beene they have passing across the river into the district. good cluster of storms and just south of washington. banks andhe outer portions of the carolinas. chance they could increase through the day tomorrow. this cold front is weak and will be, and at the same time in the area of low pressure will move along that track. inh-pressure surge to build -- starts to build in. patchy fog and muggy conditions,
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monday at midday tomorrow. monday through the midday tomorrow. a good-looking summary weekend. -- summer-like weekend. to get interesting information on how expecting this summer to size up. >> it feels like the same old story, every monday we are talking about a national like groundhog's day. they start a series with the phillies tonight. stephen strasburg had a solid outing in his return. he gave up one hit in five innings. all in all, i thought it was a good return. the problem is the offense.
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there were stranded all day with very little support. that was a major problem. we will talk more about that coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> johnson has been released from jail after seven 30's -- serving seven of his 30 days. he apologized for patting his attorney on the budget, which inspired laughter. he adds a little bit of a history here. he once put his arm around a female prosecutor shoulders. he had better his wife, leaving a gash in her head, which is why he was in court. he laughed to attend violence counseling twice a week during his probation -- he will have to attend violence council and twice a week during his probation. is theurns out, rose last man standing after a very important haymaker.
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no golfer was under par. and in the end on father's day, it was gesten rose to one the u.s. open champion. it was justin rose who was the u.s. open champion. the clouds parted and it was kind of ironic, really. it was a beautiful evening. i just felt like i needed to do that. >> his father died in 2002 of cancer. we're with him all the way around there.
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theks news choppers 7 is on scene where a medic unit and a car collided. the driver of the car was killed in this crash. the driver of the medic unit was taken to hospital. accident reconstruction is now on the scene of the crash.
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please avoid the area if you can. woman send an e- mail asking for help over a dental the speed that would keep her getting a much needed bridge put in place. the temporaries and this was the root canal that was pulled. >> it is right there in the x- rays, and i gardner's problem teeth. >> it was pretty painful. >> they had to go, and a bridge needed to be put in. paid for the impressions, bridge.030 toward the but the gardener is on disability and lives on a fixed income. back in 2011, she had to save up for the rest of the money. the natural rights as well as centers said it would finish the work when she could pay the rest of the bill.
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she admits other dental issues of debt, costing her thousands, which meant she had to wait. it took her two years to save the money she needed to complete the work, but by then there -- the dentist had left his practice and there was some disagreement over whether the dentist or the practice had the $3,000 she had already spent. warned she may have to spend it all over again. that is when she called 7 on your side. as for new the fixed smile shows, harf phone calls paid off. her teeth are fixed at the agreed upon price. >> ayman to thank you so much because without it i would not have gotten mike -- i want to thank you so much because without it i would not have gotten muybridge. national security agency released its documents to
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.ongress >> plus, the supreme court is going to issue several rulings in this week. what the latest on its decision over in arizona and boating law. >> plus an update on the wild f. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side >> the new tonight, details are emerging about a u.s. spying program on other part -- other countries. man who revealed the nsa league, edward seldin, answered questions for people today while still in hiding. readers posted dozens of questions today, and he answered many of them. he was in an undisclosed location. he said it is true


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